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Veronica Chordas

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work.
Experience in music, design and marketing provides me a broad perspective, and drives me to view life through a creative lens. I feel driven to travel the world, connecting with and encouraging like minded individuals by promoting their projects through my crafts and my natural ability to educate. Let's brainstorm together how you can better communicate with your community, and reach even more people that can benefit from your light. I want to help you reach others, ultimately making the world a better place.

Destiny Travel & Group Tours

Cathi Taucher, Owner

Capturing Cathi's colorful personality was the goal for her branding. The logo appears in all colors of the rainbow on her website and every picture is vibrant and inviting. A short welcome video invites users to her colorful, playful website and entices them to have fun and travel! Also included here are SM Header, announcements and business cards.

Massage Therapy Associates

Cathleen Greybeal, Owner

MTA's beautiful therapy rooms speak for themselves. The website captures the serene, earthy environment with custom photos and videos. The visitor can take a virtual tour, surrounded by the sounds of the therapy rooms and contact their therapist for an appointment. Branding not only reflects the facility, but the owner as well. Cathleen exudes a quiet strength and beauty, which we strived to captured on her site. Also included here are SM Header and announcements.

JimmyFro Show/Podcast Editor

Jimmy Martin, Host & Editor

Jimmy's passion for music drives his podcast, but he wanted his website to highlight his abilities as a podcast editor. Appealing to musicians, bands and other would-be podcasters yielded a cool, slightly off the wall design with powerful (rock'n roll) colors and imagery. An RSS feed in the sidebar keeps his visitors up to date on his podcast and testimonials are featured on the home page, showing off his skills. Also included here is SM announcement.

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